Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Confessions of-a-gadget-holic (Slides from the webinar)


Written by Tyrell

You can listen to the recorded webinar and download these slides from the WSO2 Oxygen Tank as well.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 1.1.0 Released!


Written by Sami

Date : 16th July 2010

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor development team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of WSO2 Business Activity Monitor

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM) is a tool designed to exercise Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). WSO2 BAM is intended to serve the needs of both business and IT domain experts to monitor and understand business activities within a SOA deployment. It is specifically designed for monitoring SOA deployments, and can be extended to cater for other general monitoring requirements as well.

WSO2 BAM is powered by WSO2 Carbon, the SOA middleware component platform.


WSO2 BAM is an open source software product and is release under Apache Software License v2.0.


You can download WSO2 BAM release artifacts from

New Features in This Release

  • Support for Oracle DBMS
  • Error category monitoring for WSO2 ESB mediation data
  • Improvements to analytics summary calculations, storage and visualization
  • Support for deployment on JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and WebLogic Application servers
  • Improved P2 based provisioning and feature management support
  • Support for deleting Monitored Servers


  • Support for collecting data on service invocations and message mediations
  • Straight through processing - Polling and Eventing based models for automated data collection wihtout manual intervention
  • Real time activity monitoring with zero latency - No time gap between data collection and availability of data for monitoring
  • Analytics for historical data on service invocations and message mediations summarized over various time dimension intervals
  • Data visualization with dashboards and reports
  • Ability to define and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) with dashboards and reports
  • Provision to extend monitoring capabilities by customizing dashboard gadgets
  • Built-in support for monitoring WSO2 WSAS and WSO2 ESB
  • Ability to extend the current monitoring model with user defined data by collecting custom data formats for monitoring
  • Multiple DBMS support (H2 - default, MySQL, Oracle and MSSQL)

Project Resources

Installation and Running

  1. Download the binary distribution zip file
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file
  3. Go to the bin directory in the extracted folder
  4. On Linux/Unix, run script. On Microsoft Windows, run wso2server.bat file.
  5. Point your browser to the URL https://localhost:9443/carbon
  6. Use username admin, and password admin to login as the administrator.
    NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you change your administrator password from the admin to a more secure one at this point. To do this click on 'Configure->User Managment' link on the left menu.
  7. Add servers to be monitored using left menu 'Configure->Monitored Servers'.
  8. Monitor data using various dashboards present under 'Dashboard' section of left menu.
    NOTE: You might have to wait some time till there is data available from the servers being monitored. To see summary data, you have to wait at least one hour, before the first summary run happens.
  9. Have a look at the documentation for more information on data collection and monitoring capabilities of WSO2 BAM

Reporting Issues

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA available at

Contact us

WSO2 Business Activity Monitor developers can be contacted via the mailing lists:


Alternatively, questions can also be raised in the WSO2 Business Activity Monitor forum:



We are committed to ensuring that your enterprise middleware deployment is completely supported from evaluation to production. Our unique approach ensures that all support leverages our open development methodology and is provided by the very same engineers who build the technology.

For more details and to take advantage of this unique opportunity please visit

For more information about WSO2 Business Activity Monitor please see Visit the WSO2 Oxygen Tank developer portal for additional resources.

We welcome your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on this release of WSO2 BAM.

WSO2 BAM Development Team

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Upcoming Webinar :: Confessions of a “Gadget-holic”


Written by Tyrell

On Wednsday, 14th July 2010 I will be conducting a one hour webinar explaining Enterprise App Stores as described in a previous post here. We will run this during two time slots. 9 AM - 10 AM (GMT) and 10 AM - 11 AM (PDT). Here's a sneak peak at the topics I plan to cover;
  • App stores - Components of an App Store echo system and how they interact together
  • App Stores in the Enterprise - Self Service IT
  • Mashups - How they can provide APIs to App developers and facilitate code re-use 
  • Google gadgets - The Apps that will power your Enterprise App Store  
  • The Enterprise Gadget Repository - The App Directory that powers your Enterprise App Store
  • Tips and tricks that may come in handy ....
So if you haven't already, register and drop in at a convenient time slot depending on your time zone :)

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Monday, July 5, 2010

WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP v2.1.0 Released


Written by Sami

It has been a while since we released WSF/PHP the most complete Web Services framework out there.

This release comes just at the right time, to keep the world in formed that the project is alive and also let the communities out there know that WSO2 continues to contribute to open source.

In terms of business, there are much more lucrative projects that we have in WSO2, yet, we do want to continue to keep releasing and improving the WSF/PHP project, keeping to our open source norms. This project has loads of users proven by the download numbers.

Also, we keep on hearing from the users that the support they get from the open forum is so good, that they hardly need to buy support. Bad for business, but good for open source :)

You can download the release from:

The release fixes multiples of bugs and also adds some improvements. You can visit the project home and project documentation for more information.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

FIX Your SOA with WSO2 ESB


Written by Hiranya Jayathilaka

I believe WSO2 ESB is the ONLY complete enterprise service bus which supports the FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol. The FIX transport of WSO2 ESB enables the service bus to communicate with FIX acceptors and initiators. FIX messages received by the service bus can be routed, filtered or transformed using the existing set of mediators. If needed, FIX messages can be transformed and sent to external systems over different protocols such as HTTP and JMS.
I published an article titled "FIX Your SOA with WSO2 ESB" which explains how to setup the FIX transport in WSO2 ESB 3.0 and how to use it to implement a variety of integration scenarios. It gives a good overview on how to develop high performance finance data routing systems using WSO2 ESB. Hope you'll like it!

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