Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Security in SOA : Training

The next training in WSO2 SOA summer school is Security in SOA.

Become a SOA expert in this summer. It is all FREE from WSO2.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Scalable SOA - Training Slides

The slides of the training on Scalable SOA sre now available online.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Podcast: SOA Summer School - Scalable SOA

The next training form WSO2 SOA summer school is on Scalable SOA. Listen to the podcast on Scalable SOA training hosted on WSO2 developer portal.

SOA Summer School: SOA Enterprise Architecture Patterns

Slides and Recording of SOA Enterprise Architecture Patterns are now available on WSO2 developer portal.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SOA Platform 2.0 Beta

The beta release of the 2.0 of SOA Platform will be available soon.

The Governance Registry (G-Reg) is the most exciting product out of the bunch of products built on this platform.
The BAM dashboard is a great addition to the SOA platform, empowering business users to monitor what is going on with their SOA deployment.

Eventing and notification is another noteworthy addition to the SOA Governance Registry. Now you can sit back and relax, until that important event that you are interested has happened and you are notified.

With this release, the platform has got even better, with the core Apache Axis2 engine and Apache Synapse engine being upgraded to the latest verions, bringing in all the bug fixes and improvements done on those engines.

OSGi usage of the SOA platform has got even better with the use of declarative services. Now the bundle deployment has got even better. The platform is now leveraging the SOA features of OSGi to the maximum.

The Eclipse P2 integration with the intention of component management is done. The end user feature management can now be facilitated in the future releases.

Get ready to experiance the platform.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Point & Monitor – The SOA Governance Dream


How many Web service hosting server, how many ESBs and how many process servers do you have in your SOA deployment? The answer would range from a handful to plenty, based on the complexity of your SOA.

The question is, how to monitor all those deployments. How many requests are pumped through each ESB, and how many of those failed. What is the server loads. What about the average response time on each of these servers? Monitoring the health of the SOA elements can get complex. And however complex that can get, it is a must we do that.

Ideally, the governance solution that you deploy, should allow you to point at the ESB or process server or the services server and be able to gather what is going on with it. The next release of WSO2 Governance registry would have this capability.

The governance dashboard, coupled with the BAM component, would provide you with real time data about the health of the SOA elements. The “Point & Monitor” technology from WSO2 will give you a unique advantage to realize your business objectives with your SOA.    

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The need for alerting on you SOA Platform


When you have the SOA up and running, when it is business critical, you might want to stay connected and updated on the health of the SOA deployment.

Eventing is a good model to handle this situation.

You need to define interesting events, and subscribe to them. Then alerts will come, when the interesting events occur, and you react and respond to them, as you wish.

The alerts can be configured to come on any channel of choice, the preferred one being SMS.

The rule of thumb when using eventing is to fire events on exceptional situations, where action is required to fix the state to get things back to normal. If the alert are informative, then after some time, the interest would be lost, and the chances of missing a noteworthy alert increases. Hence, events should be configured to fire alerts only when real action is required.

Look for eventing and notification support when choosing your SOA platform.   


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