Friday, February 27, 2009

The Role of a SOA Platform During Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are tricky business manoeuvres and if not done skilfully, can produce the very opposite of the synergy they aim to achieve. But during certain economic climates, M&As become a necessity for survival than an option. The role of IT in consolidating systems, especially when pushed by financial and management reporting requirements is crucial. Without the proper analysis or a framework in place for such consolidation, the negative effects on operations will last for years.

The SOA platform released !!

WSO2 has released the whole SOA middleware stack on top of the modular, revolutionary carbon platform to standardize the products including the WSO2 ESB, WSO2 WSAS, WSO2 Registry and WSO2 BPS. One other child of this family is on his way and will pop up soon which is the WSO2 DS Solution.

This blog by Samisa explains all about carbon. So, after all this jargon on OSGi, modularity, agility, extensibility and Carbon, you might be wondering whether this is actually true or is this just a marketing point that WSO2 is using. The carbon core is the answer to your questions and now we have released the carbon core on top of which all most all our products have been built.

Proving the modularity of the Carbon framework and the WSO2 product stack you could build any of the WSO2 products starting from the Carbon core, and this core is the least common denominator of the WSO2 products. This could be better explained in the following diagram....

WSO2 releases a set of feature packs which are a collection of interrelated components that adds a particular functionality into this carbon core. Therefore, either you can add components by your self getting them from the WSO2 maven2 repository or you could download these feature packs to install features onto WSO2 Carbon Core.

Please note that we will be releasing more feature packs within another 2-3 days and for the moment it contains the service mediation feature pack. Milinda has already blogged about this released feature pack in action article and the screen cast.

Stay tuned for more beauties of Carbon !!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bueauty of WSO2 Carbon - Adding Mediation to WSO2 WSAS

WSO2 Carbon (Middleware à la carte) based on OSGi is the base platform for the new generation of the Java product stack by WSO2, and it promises seamless integration of WSO2 products including WSO2 WSAS, WSO2 Registry, WSO2 ESB and WSO2 BPS. This screencast and article by WSO2 ESB product manager Ruwan Linton will show you how we can add ESB functionalities to WSO2 WSAS.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is WSO2 SOA Platform?


In one of his recent posts Samisa talks about must have capabilities of a SOA platform. So, if you are searching for SOA platform which has above mentioned features it's worth trying WSO2 SOA Platform build on top of WSO2 Carbon framework. WSO2 SOA Platform includes open source middleware products such as WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus(ESB), WSO2 Business Process Server(BPS), WSO2 Web Services Application Server(WSAS), WSO2 Web Services Framework and WSO2 Registry that can help you in realization of your SOA strategy.

WSO2 WSAS and Web Services Framework libraries make service creation easier from existing applications, using your preferred language(include support for Java, Jython, Spring, C/C++, PHP, Ruby). In addition to those, WSO2 Data Services allows you to instantly expose existing databases as secure, reliable, manageable services.

WSO2 ESB enables connecting systems in a managed, virtualized manner without disrupting existing application features. In addition, WSO2 ESB enables loose-coupling of services and features such as routing, load-balancing and failover ensure high availablity of you SOA.

WSO2 BPS provides the execution environment for business processes written following BPEL for Web Services(WS-BPEL) standard which is mostly used business process implementation standard for SOA. Business processes provide new opportunities for making integrated business information systems more flexible and adaptable to changing business needs in SOA. Business processes can use services from various other applications in the organization while allowing existing solutions to take part in distinctive steps of the business processes. In addition, highly simplified programming model of business processes allows effective capturing of business processes in any organization which span across departments/applications.

WSO2 Mashup Server
provides a lightweight service composition platform using JavaScript and Web 2.0 related technologies. This makes SOA simpler and more approachable than ever before.

WSO2 Registry is an open source product for governing SOA deployments. At design time, it enforces corporate policies and processes, helps developers understand the impact of changes, maintains a full version history, and enforces well defined life-cycle management.

You can find more information about WSO2 Carbon based SOA Platform in following articles and presentations:

Monday, February 23, 2009

What would you expect out of a SOA platform?

I recently blogged about the potential expectations out of a SOA platform.

In summary, your SOA platform should be capable of:
  • Develop and deploy services and clients
  • Wrap/expose legacy systems as services
  • Extend services with QoS capabilities
  • Service composability
  • Business process management through service orchestration
  • Service management and governance

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